Tricks to save time and money while driving on Black Friday


There are discounts on the purchase of fuel and applications that help to halve the time spent searching for a parking space

This year, with no restrictions related to Covid-19 and with a horizon marked by a possible recession, sales figures related to “Black Friday” are expected to rise and the main shopping areas will be filled with people looking for to attractive offers.

According to data from
TC Group solutionsDuring last year’s “Black Friday” campaign, the influx of shoppers into Spanish streets grew by 11%, compared to the monthly average for 2021, and the number of store entrances increased by 18%.

If forecasts are met, it will mean an increase in traffic around those places, which could translate into traffic jams or problems finding a parking space if they are in urban centers, as well as higher fuel consumption due to people deciding to travel by car. to go. purchases.

To ease traffic and make traveling comfortable and fast, the EasyPark parking app has prepared a series of recommendations.

For starters, you should avoid
the hours of greatest traffic. The times of least saturation are usually in the morning (10 am during office hours) and afternoon (5 pm). Afternoon is also a good option in areas with continuous business hours.

Monitor traffic in real time. This way you can escape from the busiest streets or highways and
avoid the most crowded areas. Let yourself be guided, because there are applications that mark the areas where it is easier to park, are great allies. Use applications to pay for your parking if you park in a regulated area. You will lose less time because you do not have to look for a parking meter, or return to your car if you decide to stay a little longer, because you can do this comfortably from your own mobile.

Think in advance about the places where you can leave your car. Streets with little traffic or public and private parking, the more options you have, the bigger your
chance of success. And reserve your parking space. This way you don’t have to wander the streets looking for where to leave your car.

If you also want to save on fuel costs, some companies offer extra discounts on these dates. For example, Petroprix, a company from Jaén, is launching a discount of five cents per liter this weekend due to “Black Friday” at its more than 125 gas stations throughout Spain with the aim of
help rescue drivers Spaniards for Christmas.

This action is part of the company’s plan to consolidate itself as the gas station brand with the best prices in Spain. this discount
is added to the 20 cents per litre applied by the government last March, so the difference in price between the different brands of gas stations will be up to 25 cents in some areas, which means a saving of more than 10 euros for a vehicle whose deposit is 55 liters .

To access this discount, the driver must have installed the Petroprix application and
register vehicle registration who wants to refuel This way you get unlimited access to this discount, which ends on Sunday at 23:59.

Source: La Verdad


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