Parts of the car of about 20 euros and that can result in 8,000 euros in bad luck


Strange noises, unfamiliar smells, smoke that has changed color or warning lights indicate that something is wrong with our car. They are little warning signs
what to watch out forsince in many cases avoiding going through the workshop to fix a small repair can have irreversible consequences for our vehicle.

According to the GIPA study that analyzes the situation in the car market, more than 3.5 million vehicles break down throughout the year.

Several breakdowns occur throughout the life of a car, some more painful and others cheaper. And sometimes the responsible person is a small piece of that
it can cost some fishing rod or the 20 euros of a book, but which, if the relevant maintenance is not done, could cause a very serious breakdown.

The sump plug, the tire valve, the temperature sensor, the windshield wipers or the spark plugs are parts that cost less than 20 euros, but if one of them breaks, we will have to urgently go to the workshop to “evil”. taller’.

According to Euromaster, the first example is the sump plug ring. Costing between 0.50 cents and 1 euro, it must be replaced with every oil change. However, if this replacement is done by a private person and not a professional and done in the wrong way, it can lead to a major problem: from loosening to breaking completely, which means that the
partial or total oil loss. And it is that in addition to the environmental problem that the drop in the “blood of the vehicle” means, we can get the motorcycle flu, a breakdown that can cost up to 4,000 euros if second-hand parts are used; 8,000 euros, if the engine is new.

And it is precisely the maintenance of good health of the “heart” of the car that is essential. It is therefore important to urgently go to the workshop if an unusual rise in engine temperature is observed. In many cases the culprit is the temperature sensor,
at a “ridiculous” price between 15 and 20 euros. However, if the part is not replaced, the impeller will continue to work at high temperatures and sooner or later it will break.

Another part to look at is the spark plugs, as long as the car has them.
With an average price of 10 to 20 euros each, it is not a spectacular failure, but in many cases it is synonymous with a call to the crane, as the vehicle cannot continue the march or jerks constantly. Depending on the manufacturer, the change is recommended between 50,000 and 90,000 kilometers traveled.

At the same time, it is necessary to take into account the valves of the tires, not only for maintenance purposes, but also for road safety. From Euromaster they are always replaced with every tire change, but unfortunately this is not always the usual trend. Otherwise, its deterioration can lead to a tire blowout and therefore cause a possible accident.
The unit price does not exceed 2.5 euros; 3.5 for conventional valves.

Finally, a “forgotten” item are the windshield wipers. As well as being a point to judge in the ITV, their poor condition presupposes a situation of extreme risk in rain or snow. With a cost starting at 15 euros,
it is essential to change them if the rubbers are cracked or the first signs of wear are observed. And there is nothing more expensive than having an accident.

Source: La Verdad


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