For example, the DGT medical examination changes to extend the driving license


The scales of this protocol were changed this summer and replaced those of 2007

To obtain or renew a driver’s license, it is necessary to first undergo a medical examination established by the DGT. But the scales that have been used since 2007 have changed this in 2022. From Traffic, with these new changes, they seek to “provide a new approach aimed at facilitating the screening work, by providing criteria and cut-off points to simplify eligibility decision-making and promote the VRK’s preventive intervention by cooperating to the preventive advice”, explains
Enrique Mirabeta doctor at a Driver Recognition Center.

Thus, the implementation of this new protocol seeks to “improve the criteria and tools used in the CRCs”. The aim is to unify the principles when assessing the psychophysical aptitude of drivers. For example, this expert recalled that the new medical and automotive developments have changed the criteria for road hazards, making driving safer in health situations where it was previously “prohibitive”.

Thus, these observations by medical professionals will now include the following aspects: general history, observation of the applicant (physical appearance, cleanliness, gait, use of assistive devices…), risk perception, collection of personal data and basic research ( vision, audition , cardiovascular, psychological…).

In addition, the new protocol makes it possible to establish formulas for calculating indices, criteria cut-offs, driving restrictions or using disability-based restriction codes. It also includes the various modifications that can be incorporated into a vehicle, prostheses and ancillary elements to accommodate the driver’s limitations, both temporary and permanent.

But in order to renew the driver’s license, it is not only necessary to pass a psychotechnician, you also need to meet certain deadlines. They are required every 10 years until age 65; and after this period this figure begins to be reduced to 5 years and, once the age of 70 is reached, becomes two years. You only have to pay a fee of 24.58 euros (those over 70 are exempt from payment) and the aforementioned medical examination.

Source: La Verdad


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