Traffic increases control over vans


Registrations of these vehicles have increased by 50% since 2012 and represent 7% of the national fleet

In 2021, this type of vehicle was involved in more than 8,000 traffic accidents, resulting in 170 deaths. During these days, which also coincide with the celebration of ‘Black Friday’, the campaign will set up checkpoints on all types of roads, especially on conventional roads, but also in areas close to industrial estates, loading bays, shopping centers. .. Van registrations are up 50% since 2012 and represent 7% of the national fleet. In 2021, speeding was the most commonly committed offense by van drivers, with over 251,000 complaints.

The Spanish Road Safety Strategy 2030 identifies “Secure Administrations, Companies and Organizations” as one of the strategic areas, in which special attention is paid to traffic accidents at work and improvement of prevention is identified as a priority line of intervention occupational risks of traffic during the working day, as well as the treatment of traffic accidents commuting.

For example, the National Institute for Safety and Health at Work recently launched an Awareness Plan to reduce work-related traffic accidents involving delivery vans, which under the motto ‘With delivery vans 5 goals’ aims not only to reduce work-related traffic accidents in which a delivery van is involved, but also to sensitize the different actors (people who run a company with or without staff in which vans are used and people who drive them) about the importance of implementing five objectives or measures, within the scope of action, which have a direct impact on the risk.

Source: La Verdad


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