In Norway, four out of five cars sold are electric


The most purchased car of the year was the Tesla Model Y, with 17,356 units, becoming the best-selling car in Norway’s history in just one year

The end of the year places Norway as
Excellent student in the energy transition, at least in terms of mobility. 79.8% of the cars sold in this country in 2022 were electric models and almost all plug-in cars.

All of the models on the list of the top ten best-selling models are electric and the sales leader is Tesla, with 12.2% of the total. The most purchased car of the year was the Tesla Model Y, with 17,356 units and becoming the
best-selling car in just one year of Norwegian history.

With these figures, the government of Oslo can consider the target to stop selling internal combustion engine cars by 2025 as achievable and pride itself on the energy transition between European partners, but it can also be argued that if the Norwegian consumer so massively chooses electric cars, because the tax benefits are also huge.

Hybrid and electric cars are exempt from VAT, which is 25% for other vehicles, in addition to being free from the CO2 emissions tax. The majority of buyers therefore opt for the tax-free electric model.

Last year, the percentage of electric cars sold was already 65% ​​and the Norwegian state started to resent the indirect consequence: it stopped collecting 1,800 million euros, which it wants to get back.

After the renewal of a large part of the mobile fleet for electric models, the taxation of these vehicles in Norway is already changing rapidly. For starters, a new rate linked to the weight of each car has already been introduced, which affects them in a special way.

Electric vehicles with batteries larger than 70 kWh weigh more than 2,500 kilos and the rate is designed linearly so that only the first 500 kilos are exempt, while the rest pay at the rate of 12.5 Norwegian kroner per kilo per year, about 1. 20 euros per kilo. And vehicles with a price above 500,000 Norwegian kroner, which exceed 47,000 euros in exchange, will pay VAT from 2023, so their price will increase by 25%.

Source: La Verdad


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