What separates Deschamps from signing his renewal in France


Deschamps will continue to rule France. The question is how long. After meeting at the end of the year in Guingamp with the president of the Federation, Noël le Graët, there are still differences regarding the duration of his new contract, which expired on December 31. The coach, in office since 2012, wants to continue on the bench until the 2026 World Cup. From the offices, however, he was offered until the 2024 Euro Cup.

The reason is simple and easy to understand. Noël le Graët His term ends in a year and a half, and he does not want to isolate or compromise the decisions of the future president. DeschampsFor his part, he wants to work with the peace of mind that he will have enough margin to take advantage of this generation led by mbappedifferent from the World Cup winner in Russia but has the talent to repeat a similar feat.

Deschamps he insists on the importance of working long hours, without constantly being asked about his future. He wants not to forget that noise, which is usually fed by the media. The Federation is happy with their work, despite the recent loss in the World Cup final against Argentina. Noël le Graët I don’t see anything better than that Deschamps to continue with this project, although the details of the duration remain closed.

It is expected that in the coming weeks the president of the Federation will meet with Jean-Pierre Bernesagent of Deschampsto definitely advance the negotiations: “We will have an agreement”, he confirmed to the newspaper Le Parisien, convinced that the two parties share the idea of ​​continuing together. Zidane is always in the room, but the great performance of Deschamps This will allow you to continue in the office.

Source: La Verdad


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