First images of the VW ID.7: strong commitment to comfort


This new electric sedan offers a range of no less than 700 kilometers

Volkswagen has unveiled its first all-electric sedan based on the Modular Electric Drive (MEB) platform in smart camouflage at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas. This is the new ID.7, a model with a new screen concept, Head-Up Display with augmented reality, a 15-inch screen and a new air conditioning system integrated into the first level of the infotainment system and illuminated tactile sliders as standard.

new air conditioning concept with intelligent air vents offers various functions: for example, the ID.7 recognizes the approaching driver with his key and starts cooling the interior on hot summer days or heating it on cold days before getting in. The newly designed ‘Smart Air Vents’ control the airflow and move dynamically to distribute it over a large area as quickly as possible. When the passengers are in the car, the ventilation can be directed directly at the body or the interior can be ventilated indirectly. These functions are always visible and can be activated on the new large screen, but also saved individually according to the user. Special requests are activated with your voice.

So the ID.7
responds to ‘Hello Volkswagen‘I have cold hands’ starts the heated steering wheel. In addition, the warm air flows directly to the hands.

VW also makes the intelligence of the new ID.7 visible in a special way. The camouflaged sedan features a digital camouflage design with a unique paint finish that makes the ID.7 sparkle interactively. 40 layers of paint have been applied, which are sometimes conductive and then insulating. 22 individually controllable parts of the vehicle are electrified (electroluminescent) under the paint so that they light up. If you link everything to a sound system, the rhythm becomes visible through the lighting of individual zones.

The QR codes on the hood and on both sides serve as an interface between the physical and digital worlds. The full camo continues the QR code theme and hides the outline of the later stock vehicle.

Stylistically, the ID.7 follows the design language of the ID model family. fully electric. The saloon’s design language is particularly notable for its aerodynamically designed front and roof, which help to reduce energy consumption and increase range. Front air intakes direct airflow specifically to the rear side of the vehicle. They form an air curtain that calms the airflow to the side of the vehicle. The sloping roof helps the ID.7 to achieve a very good drag coefficient. The
autonomy reaches about 700 kilometers (WLTP).

Like all models in the ID. family, the ID.7 is based on the Volkswagen Group’s MEB platform. The advantages of the modular design with short overhangs and a large wheelbase (2.97 metres) optimize the interior space. The result in the ID.7 is the character of a generous luxury sedan with a special sense of space.

Source: La Verdad


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