This was the Twingo in 1995, when Shakira chose it over a Ferrari


In the last few hours, the number of searches for Renault Twingo ads in all its generations has increased by 600%

as the song of
Shakira and Bizarrap has flooded YouTube with more than 67 million views in 24 hours, the singer’s “darts” at Gerard Piqué have triggered the number of searches for Renault Twingo ads in all its generations by 600%.

Although the singer now compares it to a Ferrari and prefers the Italian sports model, the truth is that almost 28 years ago in Colombia she herself was in charge of promoting the vehicle.

the young promise of Colombian music was invited to the Bogota International Auto Show for the launch in Colombia of Twingo, the Renault model that would arrive in the country that year as one of the great car novelties of the time.

That must be remembered
the little utility It is recognized as a very popular car, especially in its native country. In fact, the first generation of the model (and alluded to by Shakira) was released on the market between 1992 and 2007, selling more than 2.6 million units.

According to the analysis carried out in Autocasión, Autoscout24 and UnoautoA based on Google data, “Twingo”, “Renault Twingo” and “Twingo price” were also among the most prominent searches of the day yesterday, especially
in Spain and Latin American countriesfollowed by “what is a Twingo” and “tuingo”, proof of the lack of knowledge on the part of citizens for this car.

According to
Ignacio Garcia Roji, spokesperson for Sumauto, “sometimes the best advertising comes from the most unexpected opportunity and today’s consumer, who is so active on social networks, immediately channels what is trending and turns it into consumption. Let’s think a phenomenon like Filomena shot at 24%
4×4 searchesa figure that is now below 600% in just 24 hours with the Twingo ».

Source: La Verdad


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