How all-season tires work when there’s snow on the road


This weekend the first winter episodes arrived, with snowfall present
especially in the northern half of the peninsulaand with the forecast that they will reach more areas during the week.

To prevent bad weather from making travel more difficult, it is important to check the condition of the tires and, to travel more calmly, use “All Weather” tires, as an alternative to the different types of chains that exist for driving during snow covers the asphalt.

This type of tyre, also called ‘all season’, makes it possible to optimize and
l Performance of passenger cars, vans, SUVs and SUVs in all weather conditions, extreme heat, rain, ice, wind and snow. The “All Weather” are a guarantee of road safety, without having to know the weather forecast because they guarantee grip on the asphalt in all conditions.

“All-weather tires are valid for all types of vehicles, in any season of the year, because they respond safely to all bad weather conditions,” he recalls.
Jose Luis Rodriguez, General Manager of AFANE, Association of Tire Manufacturers. In addition, “they have adapted to automotive innovations in recent years and are now available in most sizes needed for passenger cars, SUVs, 4x4s and vans,” he concludes.

Spain is a country
with a very diverse geography and that in a hundred kilometers it can change abruptly, and with it the temperatures. Therefore, All Season tires can be the ideal answer to this changing weather. In several parts of Spain, the authorities allow cars with winter tires to circulate in extreme situations, but not those with chains. As is the case with some tunnels in Asturias, Pajares or the A-67 towards Arenas de Iguña, Cantabria.

The A
Tire Manufacturers Group (AFANE) remember that in areas with a harsh winter, low temperatures and where ice and snow dominate the landscape, the vehicle should be equipped with winter tires in winter and summer tires in summer. But in the usual winters in most of Spain, the All Weather tire is best suited, with the added advantage of not having to change tires all year round.

The “Todo Tiempo” are made with
a softer rubber compound and flexible, loaded with silica so it will not harden below 7ºC. This can shorten the braking distance at low temperatures.

Thanks to the large number of sipes in the studs, the All Weather not only works on dry asphalt and low temperatures, but also on wet road surfaces, rain, snow or ice.

a drawing of
the tread more cut and deeper provides more water drainage and traction in difficult conditions. The 3PMSF (3 Peak Mountain Snow Flake) symbol indicates that the tires are reliable and safe for driving on snow.

These tires guarantee mobility and safety throughout the winter season. Without the inconvenience of mounting and dismounting the chains, which also poses a risk of accidents when stopping on the shoulder.

Finally, among its advantages, it also stands out
your mileage performance and the service life of these tires is equal to that of traditional tires and although the price is between 5/10% higher, the properties of All Weather tires significantly reduce problems and incidents during driving.

Source: La Verdad


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