The Espace returns to the Renault catalog as a 5 and 7 seater SUV


Generation after generation, Espace has evolved with the times, but it has always been linked to meeting the needs of
large families and people who need a lot of space in their car. After disappearing from the market, mainly due to the loss of customers in the minibus segment, it returns to the Renault catalog this spring, coinciding with its 40th anniversary, and has been converted into a 5 or 7-seater SUV.

According to the brand, this new launch opens a new chapter in which the car will carry the genes of Renault innovation and remain faithful to previous generations: comfortable, innovative and high-end. Inside,
the credentials evoked by the name Espace They are more successful than ever and become a vehicle with very good features for long journeys.

In the philosophy of “cars full of life”, Renault Espace has always held a special place. It is the family model with up to 7 seats whose comfort, habitability, equipment and
road qualities They have always been a reference. Renault Espace shows that the saga continues.

The five generations that followed
for almost 40 years They have managed to evolve to adapt to the times, to customer expectations and to changes in society.

Renault shook up the European automotive world in 1983 with the introduction of the first large family minivan. By naming this “ORNI” (unidentified rolling object), Renault broke with its then-current strategy of using alphanumeric names. The name Espace was chosen.

“From a semantic point of view, Espace is a very interesting word because its translation is very similar in different languages, making it easier to understand for the largest number of people,” he explains.
Sylvia Dos Santos, head of names at Renault. “It has a soft sound, harmonious phonetics and immediately evokes comfort, enriched life on board and technology.”

In 1984 it began to be marketed as a very pioneering vehicle: the shape of its one-piece body was reminiscent of the first TGV (French high-speed train), which had been born shortly before.

The modularity is extraordinary: the seats are interchangeable and removable. The two front seats
can be rotated to create a “rolling lounge”.and the five rear seats can be removed to provide large cargo capacity.

Thanks to a large glass area, the interior lighting makes the passenger compartment even more spacious and comfortable. With a saloon-like handling and the most powerful Renault engines, the Espace positioned itself as the high-end family car.

all these
innovative features they would become Renault Espace’s DNA down the generations. Innovative and successful, they contribute to the power of the Espace name all over the world.

Renault Espace becomes a social phenomenon. The love for this concept vehicle is exponential. The name is gaining prominence as this second generation gains maturity.

the roundest shapes and mirrors integrated into the hood’s top line improve aerodynamics. The interior is characterized by high-quality and refined finishes, in addition to the addition of new interior compartments.

Renault Espace is at the top of the Renault range and even created a version with the “Quadra” all-wheel drive system and engine
with the introduction of the four-wheel drive version “Quadra” and a V6 PRV engine of 2,800 cm3 and 153 hp.

Leader in the segment it created and very popular, Renault Espace almost became a generic name. It had two types of bodies: a 5-seat version and a 7-seat version called “Grand Espace” which was 27 cm longer.

This generation is characterized by its curved design and innovative interior layout: the speedometer has been moved to the center – it uses LCD technology – and the
climate modules They are mounted on both sides of the vehicle. The dashboard is completely clear.

In 1997, the advertising slogan “what if the real luxury was space?”
continues to use the name Espace to place the model in the high range of Renault. In addition, this generation had the Initiale trim, which used leather and noble materials in the interior. Espace gains more and more power and enriches its meaning and its emotions.

With its wider tracks and larger exterior dimensions, the fourth generation remains the benchmark minivan. The two versions, 5 and 7 seats, are still available. The name Espace fits perfectly
with this family carwhich offered the best habitability on the market.

In its most luxurious finish “Initiale Paris”, equipped with a glass roof of 2.16 m², it succeeded in creating a living space with unparalleled comfort.

Introduced at the 2014 Paris Motor Show, this new generation has adapted to market developments and customer needs.

The advertising slogan “your time belongs to you” accompanied the launch, which became a 7-seat crossover. Each passenger has his own space.
The equipment is high technologyincluding a large touchscreen, multi-sense driving modes and 4Control, the four-wheel steering.

After 30 years of life, the Renault Espace continued to evolve and innovate. True to its DNA, its historical qualities, its vocation as a family vehicle and the meaning of its name,
it is still Space.

Source: La Verdad


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