How to know if the car suspension is working correctly


Potholes and cornering are the events where the suspension system gets the most stress.

The suspension system is the set of elements that keeps the tires in contact with the ground, improving the grip of the vehicle and contributing to greater stability and control.

It is essential for the active safety of the vehicle, as it protects both passengers and the car from bumps, knocks and vibrations.

For this reason, from AECA-ITV, they explain that, in the case of shock absorbers, wear is progressive, so it is difficult to distinguish while driving whether they need to be replaced with new ones, unless you have some experience with the behavior of the vehicle with bad shock absorbers. However, there are some
guidelines for its detection.

One of the symptoms of this wear and tear is that the vehicle
will bounce excessively. One of the easiest ways to confirm this problem, in those vehicles where it is possible, such as cars, motorcycles and some vans, is to press on the body of the vehicle on each of the wheels and, if the shock absorbers are in good condition, the vehicle should return to its original position without bouncing.

Otherwise, it is a clear symptom that they are no longer performing their proper function and
they need to be replaced.

On the other hand, potholes and cornering are the events where the suspension system gets the most stress. If you hear a strange sound or vibration effect from the vehicle when passing it, you cannot let it pass. Chances are the suspension is damaged.

Source: La Verdad


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