Learn how to change a wheel in case you get a flat tire or blowout


Most Spaniards are not prepared to have to change one of their tyres

Being on a trip or on your way to work and one of the tires punctures or bursts is one of the recurring fears of every driver. It is not for less, because in addition to being a huge inconvenience, it is something that can cause an accident. And it is that poor tire condition is the cause of four out of ten accidents in Spain, according to Cleverea.

Therefore it is essential to know
how to keep them in perfect condition, but also how to act when one of the wheels needs to be replaced. However, most Spaniards are not prepared to have to change one of the tyres. The company conducted a survey of its users and 6 out of 10 assured that they wouldn’t know how to do it. For this reason, it is essential to communicate the main steps to follow in the event of a puncture or blowout.

stop in a safe place and signal correctly. The replacement of the classic warning triangles has just come into effect. Although they can continue to be used until 2026, it is advisable to have the V16 emergency lighting. It has the advantage of being placed on the roof, so you don’t have to get out of the vehicle. Of course we can’t forget the reflective vest, as well as the emergency lighting,
especially when it is night.

Have the tools ready. We should always carry a spare tyre, a jack, a wheel wrench and, if required for that particular car model, a wheel nut adapter. Then remove the hubcap and install the jack. All vehicles have anchor points that you can refer to in their manual. Before lifting it, slightly loosen the nuts. And he will lift the car, and once lifted, he will finish removing the nuts and the wheel.

Finally, tighten the nuts so that they stay in place when you lower the car. Doing it this way will prevent you from applying a lot of force while it’s up, reducing the risk of it falling over. Once it’s back on the ground, finish tightening the nuts.

It is important to remember that the
replacement wheels are less durable than the normal one. They usually have speed limits (usually 80 km/h) and a maximum mileage. Therefore, it is best to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and go to a workshop as soon as possible to have it replaced.

“The tires are the part of the car that suffers the most because they are in constant contact with the road. It is one of the most important guardrails we have to protect, for which proper maintenance is essential. However, we all know more than one person who wouldn’t know how to change a wheel when the time came; It’s a very common thing,” he said.
Javier BoschCEO of Cleverea.

«Although there are several options on the market that help us avoid this situation (reinforced tyres, tire repair kit…), at Cleverea we recommend knowing how to replace them, in case we ever need them. And of course it is essential to know the circumstances that increase the risk of something happening in order to narrow down the possibilities as much as possible.

Source: La Verdad


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