Outing on two wheels on Valentine’s Day


Outing on two wheels on Valentine’s Day

KSR Group’s variety of brands and differentiated vehicles make for an easy choice for every need on these dates.

The KSR Group has a range of motorcycles and scooters that are ideal for enjoying a journey in company. For this reason and in view of the famous Valentine’s Day, the Austrian manufacturer offers a large number of specific vehicles for each destination that we want to choose from its dealers throughout Spain, where every couple can find their perfect model for a charming getaway. , reach corners where other vehicles can’t. The KSR Group was born in 1916 in Krems (Austria) and today is an international company with more than 2,300 distributors in 60 countries and 60,000 units sold per year, thanks to its wide range. The available brands are
Brixton motorcycles, Lambretta, Malaguti and Motron motorcycles.

To escape from routine, hustle and work, there are many who choose to give a trip to the mountains to enjoy an environment away from the city, the traffic of people and relax with the best view. Add to that sharing the experience on a motorcycle, there is no better plan to spend Valentine’s Day. For the most adventurous motorcyclists, by the hand of Malaguti, it has the
dune125a trail segment motorcycle to escape the city and enter the alpine trail.

For the city, visiting the best museums, parks or a good gastronomic experience in company, what could be better than doing this on a scooter. Lambretta, you have the opportunity to enjoy the scooter
V Special 125 and walk the streets of the metropolis.

Another possible cycling plan for Valentine’s Day is a road route that visits different parts of the country. One of the most beautiful experiences you can have on two wheels with a companion. To do this, there is nothing better than doing this kind of outing than with the
Brixton Crossfire 500.

If, unlike the other proposals, you opt for a short trip to a nearby place on February 14, the motorcycles best suited for this type of transfer are the Custom motorcycles, since they usually have less power and that evidenced by the driver and passenger stability and comfort. There are several options for this type of adventure, such as the
Motorron Revolver 125a “Cruiser” that falls in love thanks to its retro design.

In short, on February 14, if the weather is nice, we can use a two-wheeled vehicle to take trips both in the city and on the highway to discover new and unknown places.

Source: La Verdad


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