The foolproof trick to cool your car in extreme temperatures


Rolling down a window and creating a draft with the door on the other side can drop the temperature by nearly ten degrees

In the middle of a heat wave, our car turns into a real oven after being parked in the sun for several hours. The most common way to solve this problem is to lower the windows or turn on the air conditioning at maximum power, wait a few minutes outside the vehicle for the temperature to drop a few degrees.

However, there are people who do not like to use air conditioning or drive a car that does not have this technology. For them there is
ingenious technique that makes it possible to lower almost ten degrees temperature of the vehicle’s interior in just one minute and that it is also possible to apply with the engine switched off.

The system consists of lowering one vehicle window completely before forcefully opening and closing the door on the other side five times. As a university professor explained to a Japanese television network, the pressure-relieving effect generated by the movement of the door causes a strong suction current in the passenger compartment. Thus, the warm air goes out through the door and is replaced by the cool air that comes in through the open window.

Although it is not possible to completely cool the interior with this simple operation, it at least makes the
first minutes of driving are not an ordeal and, in the case of air conditioning, it causes the vehicle to cool much faster. Something that translates into a remarkable saving of time and energy, which is not bad at all at the current price of petrol.

Besides the exposed trick,
we can always be foresight Remember that a simple element like a sun visor helps the car cope better with the summer heat. When parking, place it on the windshield so that the internal temperature drops to 10 degrees. When you regain access, you’ll notice a more comfortable temperature, avoid fuel consumption for forcing the air conditioning, and also prevent premature wear of onboard settings, plastics and coatings.

Source: La Verdad


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