Has canceled the 2022 edition of E3, the world’s largest video game event


The Electronic Software Association (ESA), the organizer of E3, the world’s largest video game convention, confirmed this Friday that it will cancel both the physical and virtual editions of this popular event. Following the repeal of the convention due to the pandemic in 2020 and the launch of a fully virtualized publication in 2021, the ESA has decided to completely cancel E3 in 2022 to focus on next year.

“We will devote all our energy and resources to delivering a revitalized physical and digital E3 experience next summer. “Personally, if you like your favorite devices, the 2023 show will bring the public, media and industry in a whole new format and interactive experience,” the organization said in a statement.

In January, ESA announced that “due to the ongoing health risks associated with Covid-19”, there would also be no physical E3 event in 2022. It is traditionally held in Los Angeles and is an annual event where all major video game studios and video game console platforms present their future plans and projects, working on both new subtitles as well as game development equipment.

“E3 will return in 2023 with an updated show featuring exciting new video games and industry innovations,” the ESA said in a statement. The video game sector is going through a pivotal moment in its development, with a series of studio acquisitions breaking all previous records, such as Microsoft allocating $ 60,000 million to buy Activision Blizzard, the creator of titles such as Call of. Duty or Guitar Hero.

The industry, which was “highly atomized”, is concentrated on a few actors, explained Kuro Rueda, vice president and CEO of the Spanish Association of Video Game Development and Development Companies (DEV) and CEO of Viva Games. “The fight for consumer attention is underway and it promotes competition. “So many and such quality has never been created, and precisely because of the demand for content,” he added.

The sector is also undergoing technological change, promoting consumption models by subscribing monthly rather than purchasing video games, which is very similar to streaming platforms in audiovisual content.

Source: El Diario


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