Honda CRF450R 2023: perfect combination between balance and agility


It’s a motorcycle designed to go faster and easier

Honda’s MX flagship evolves again. The 2023 model has significantly increased low-end torque and smoother low-rpm power delivery to improve cornering traction, while frame stiffness and revised suspension provide more stability under braking, faster shifting, plenty of grip on the front tires and
better behavior on rough ground

It’s a motorcycle designed to go faster and easier. It also features a new graphic treatment with a new redesign of the iconic HRC logos, only for the 2023 model, to
commemorate the 5 decades Since the iconic CR250M Elsinore hit the track as Honda’s first MX race bike, a special CRF450R 50th Anniversary model will also be available with an aesthetic inspired by the legendary CRs of the 1980s.

The experience of HRC riders from the FIM World MXGP, AMA Supercross and Pro Motocross championships has guided the direction of the development of the CRF450R. This makes the machine from 2023 easier and longer to carry.

Revised frame stiffness provides increased spring rates and rear damping for improved control, without unwanted undue stiffness. Also, the grip of the front tires is greater and the 2023 machine (compared to the 2022) is more stable and faster cornering with better suspension feedback and better shock absorption.

By driving the new chassis harder into and out of corners, the engine now delivers more torque at low revs with a larger and smoother power delivery at low revs; Longer intake manifolds, smaller throttle body and revised timing to factory machine specs are to blame. The rear silencer has also been made more durable.

New graphics include new iconic, redesigned HRC logos, representing the expansion of HRC’s business into racing, while the 50th anniversary of the CRF450R in 2023 will mark 50 years since the CR250M Elsinore hit the track and Honda’s adventure in MX began.

Source: La Verdad


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