These are the changes to the ITV from July


On 1 July, the new version of the ITV Station Inspection Procedures Guide will come into effect, which, in addition to some amendments to clarify certain procedures, is the main change to
abolition of restrictions imposed on the technical inspection process due to the pandemic caused by Covid-19.

These limitations mainly related to checking the correct condition of the frame punches and checking the vehicle’s electronic control module using the OBD (“On Board Diagnostics”) reader, two processes that require access to the vehicle’s interior. was required.

Frame Number Stamping Verification

A vehicle’s chassis number or VIN (“Vehicle Identification Number”) is a unique combination of 17 alphanumeric digits that identifies the vehicles that are marketed in Europe, exactly with no chance of error.

The technical inspection of vehicles by means of a visual check of the chassis number of the vehicle verifies its existence, its condition (illegible, incomplete…) and that it corresponds to the number of the documentation.

In general, in any vehicle, it is usually located in three places: engraved on the vehicle’s dashboard and visible through the windshield; stamped on the chassis or on a manufacturer’s plate.

Checking the vehicle’s control module using the OBD reader

The OBD is a system that allows the connection of an external computer to the electronic control unit of the vehicle.

The purpose of using this system is to verify the non-existence of errors or unauthorized changes in the vehicle’s electronic control unit.

Currently, during the technical inspection of vehicles through this system, the vehicle emissions system is checked with EURO 5 levels (only categories M1 and N1), EURO 6 and EURO VI.

Source: La Verdad


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