Eight trouble symptoms your tires can indicate


Tires are one of the most important safety elements of the car, as they are the only point of connection between the vehicle and the road. While we as drivers can follow a series of tips to help our tires last longer, their wear and tear is something we cannot avoid, and if it’s erratic it’s synonymous with a potential failure.

Driving with worn tires greatly increases the risk of an accident, which increases in rain, snow or ice. With a tread depth of less than 3 mm, the tire loses grip. This translates into longer braking distances and an increased risk of aquaplaning, skidding and loss of vehicle control.

On the other hand, we must not forget that driving with tires below the legal minimum, ie with a depth of less than 1.6 mm, has not only economic consequences, but also safety. In addition to consuming more and increasing vehicle emissions, we are also exposed to a large fine and even immobilization of the vehicle if the tire wear is found to be severe.

From Conforauto Hankook Masters, they point out eight of the most obvious indicators that the tires are suffering and that could indicate that something is wrong with your vehicle. If you notice any of these symptoms, try to correct them, take your car for an inspection, or ask yourself if it’s time to change tires.

1. Irregular wear on the edges of the tire

If you see that both shoulders of the wheel are worn, but not the central part, it means that the tire pressure is not sufficient or that it is circulating with too much load. Check the condition of the tire and always adjust the tire pressure to the tire pressure recommended by the manufacturer and to the load you will be carrying.

2. Wear in the middle of the tire

The pattern on the tread is less than on the shoulders. Here the reverse of the previous situation occurs and it is that the tires are circulating with too much pressure. You have to adapt to the right pressure, paying special attention to the feeling of wet grip, as this increases the chance of aquaplaning, as well as braking distances.

3. Uneven wear on the outer edge of the tire

If the outer shoulder is more worn than the inner, this could indicate excessive positive sag or the axles are overloaded. In this case, it is necessary to adjust the alignment parameters, adjust the camber.

4. Irregular wear on the inner rim of the tire

As with the above, the deflection in this case is negative and the shafts may also be overloaded. The solution is the same: adjust the alignment parameters.

5. Diagonal Tire Wear

If the wear is diagonal, it means that the wheel does not roll straight and evenly. In the worst case, it could bounce off the sides or be poorly fitted. A too loose ride, worn shock absorbers or unbalanced axles are all possible causes of this dangerous problem. It is necessary to adjust the rolling and check the mounting of the wheel, as well as the suspension.

6. Punctual tire wear

If you notice that a certain part of the tread is worn, it could be because of an emergency stop, a skid or a malfunction of the brakes. When one of these situations occurs, it is advisable to check the braking system and to make sure that the wheels are still in good condition.

7. Irregular tread wear.

If instead the wear is irregular, this could indicate that the ABS system is faulty or that the brakes are locked. An eccentric or deformed tire due to an impact is also a cause of irregular wear. Here it is important to balance the wheel, check the tires, the alignment parameters and the suspension system.

8. Flank bulge

An “egg” coming out of the sidewall of the tire means it has been hit hard, usually a curb or pothole. This compromises the structural resistance of the wheel and it is best to replace it.

Source: La Verdad


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