‘Hand over hand’, art for the blind to enjoy


The ciezano artist José Semitiel Segura shows in his academy a series of sculptures to also experiment with the touch

Sensations, emotions and even feelings are observations that can give rise to a realistic composition of everything that surrounds a person. These combinations of elusive senses become essential so that blind people can, for example, “see” with that other hodgepodge of unseen images, creating illusions long locked in the dark.

And that is the idea that led the ciezano artist José Semitiel Segura to create the exhibition ‘Mano sobre mano’, a very open exhibition that can also be interpreted and felt by those with little or no vision. It was displayed in the Siyâsa Museum, which is included in the calendar that the National Organization of the Spanish Blind -ONCE- has planned for the end of this 2022 season, and can continue to be displayed in the Authors’ Academy in Cieza.

There are sculptures in which the blind can feel hands and feet and even distinguish limbs that would belong to younger or older people. There are also faces sculpted in plaster or stone, as well as a collection of paintings with pronounced reliefs.

For example, people without sight in the portrait of a paradise beach can feel the sand, the trees and even a different texture of the water with their hands. This work by Semitiel Segura was first exhibited in Barcelona a few years ago. According to the artist, “it’s a very material feat to share with everyone, even the blind.” “The materials used allow the blind to compose with their hands what they feel, as I do not paint the sky as the sea or the sea as sand.”

Semitiel Segura says he was surprised to find that the blind “by the touch of their hands can describe even the masts and sails of a ship, or a fisherman and the fish themselves.” As for the sculptures, the creator emphasizes that they are “very realistic compositions, because realism is understood by everyone”.

This unique exhibition will travel to other regional and national destinations in the near future to “continue to arouse the deepest and most beautiful feelings of people who cannot see,” wishes the author.

Source: La Verdad


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