Be careful with these parts of your car if it is parked for too long


For example, checking tire pressure is vital and it is recommended to check cold tires at least once a month. Checking their condition and wear is essential to avoid surprises when you pick up the car.

Many motorists take the car only to enjoy another weekend or go on vacation, so special attention should be paid, for example, to possible deformation in the tires after a long standing still. For this reason, it is advisable to start the vehicle regularly and move it back and forth a few meters at a certain interval. This is how we ensure that the cover regains its shape and that the pressure is exerted at a different point, they say from Euromaster.

Likewise, checking tire pressure is vital and it is recommended to check cold tires at least once a month. Taking care of their condition and wear is paramount. If the drawing is very worn or the rubber is cracked, we need to replace the rubber at short notice.

A safe bet is to opt for specialty tires designed for RVs or vehicles to carry heavy loads. Reinforcing the flanks makes them more resistant. Another good solution is the M+S tires, designed to cope perfectly with different weather conditions, such as mud, rain or snow.

Likewise, if we carry out coastal or mountain routes with the presence of vegetation, soil, dust and humidity, that is, elements that have a major influence on the cabin air filter, also called the pollen filter, this must also be checked. In this way dirt can enter the interior, reducing the efficiency of the system and creating a difficult atmosphere for the driver and passengers, requiring regular maintenance.

The same goes for the engine air filter. When it becomes saturated, engine performance is compromised, resulting in increased fuel economy and even serious breakdowns for the wallet.

In addition to all these elements, Euromaster recommends that you do not overlook the basic checks of any vehicle. By running the oil at the right time, having the right level of all fluids, maintaining the condition of the lights correctly or having a healthy suspension, we can forget about unnecessary fears with every move.

Also the brakes, especially if we walk with the camper in wet conditions, where they can lose braking power due to continuous parking.

Finally, taking care of the battery and accessories of a motorhome is a point to take into account. Improper maintenance or overloading can lead to partial or complete discharge and therefore expire the service life much earlier than expected. This setback can lead to misuse of electronic devices or the heating system.

Source: La Verdad


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