Points to rate for riding a motorcycle with the arrival of good weather


60% of motorcyclists do not take into account special factors when putting their motorbike outside after the winter break

The beautiful weather has arrived and there are many motorcyclists who decide to hit the road or travel a lot. However, 60% of motorcyclists do not take special factors into account when switching off the engine after the winter break. And not only do we have to get our bike ready after a few months of inactivity, during which we will have to check the tires, the chain, the fluid levels; We also need to equip ourselves well to ride a motorcycle in high temperatures, choose the best time to go out, be well hydrated…

For example, they show us from AMV what are the most important points to take into account when riding a motorcycle with the arrival of good weather:

Before riding our motorcycle again, after a few months in the garage, it is essential that we carry out a complete and thorough adjustment. The ideal is to go to a trusted workshop or the official service of the brand of our motorcycle, although we can do it ourselves if we have enough knowledge and the right tools. In any case, these are the
key points to review

Tires: condition and pressure A good condition of the tires is essential for safe driving. To do this, we must first take into account the pressure, which will be checked with a nanometer, since it corresponds to the values ​​​​indicated by the manufacturer. We have to check both the front tire and the rear, whether we are accompanied or not, or with a load in the trunk. Of course, it will always be necessary to check with cold tires. Secondly, we must check the condition of the tires as they have no cuts, cracks or deformations in the covers, and the depth of the tread grooves should never be less than 1.6 mm.

Fluid Level: Oil, Brake and Coolant Correct fluid levels are necessary for our motorcycle to run in optimal conditions. You should always check the oil level, with the motorcycle cold and in an upright position, using a dipstick or porthole and top up if necessary with the oil specified by the manufacturer. Also that of the brakes, checking that those of the two reservoirs of the hydraulic circuit (for the rear and front brakes) are at the recommended level. Finally, we must check the level of the coolant and make sure that there are no leaks.

drums: Five out of ten engine failures on the road are due to a battery failure. It is therefore essential to check its condition before taking our motorcycle out of the garage.

Suspensions and brakes: A simple visual inspection of the front fork, rear shock and brake pads is more than enough to see that they are in optimum condition. When in doubt, it is best to go to a specialized workshop.

Chain: tension and lubricate With a screwdriver we can move the chain upwards and then tighten it with a special tool. As for the lubrication, we need to apply the cleaning product to the inside and turn the wheel so that it works over the entire length.

Lights, indicators and horn: It is advisable to check the electrical circuit and make sure that the direction indicators, the low beam, the rear brake light, the high beam and the horn are working correctly.

With the arrival of good weather and heat, some motorcyclists tend to wear more comfortable and lighter clothing when riding a motorcycle. AMV experts recall that five out of ten motorcyclists’ abrasions are concentrated in the three summer months. This is the
basic equipment that should not be missing in the engine case with the arrival of good weather:

Helmet: Although many motorcyclists use the modular helmet or jet helmet in good weather, its use is only recommended in the city and for short trips. On the road and highway for longer rides, it is preferable to use a full-face summer helmet, with large grilles and special ventilation holes.

Gloves: Those for fair weather should be light, breathable and with ventilation holes, but also protect and fit the fingers, knuckles, palm and wrists

Jackets, pants and shoes: It is worth remembering that we can be fined for driving in flip-flops or sandals, for good weather there are short straw boots with perforations to better ventilate. As for the jackets, there are all kinds of models with air intakes on the chest, sides and back, and with protection for the shoulders, forearms, elbows, torso and back. For its part, the pants are with ventilation in the legs and protection in the knees, shins and hips.

When we hit the road on a very hot day, it’s helpful that we hydrate inside and out, drink water for the last few hours and take a shower before riding a motorcycle.

It is advisable to consult the weather forecast that will be done on the day we set out, as well as to plan the route in advance, plan to stop to rest and refresh ourselves at least every two hours . Keep in mind that dehydration increases our fatigue, which lengthens reaction times to unforeseen situations. In the same way, we should avoid copious meals, it is better to eat fresh and light food such as fruits, salads or a good gazpacho.

When we can afford it, we should leave early in the day, when temperatures are cooler, and try to avoid the central hours of the day, which are the hottest.

After standing still with the motorcycle for a while, it is essential that we check that we have all our documentation and the motorcycle in order. We must ensure that we always have with us the driving license, which must correspond to the type of motorcycle we drive, the circulation permit, the technical inspection card of the vehicle, with the assessment on the date indicated. But in addition to these “papers”, which we must have with us, we will also have to make sure that we have paid the Road Tax, also called ‘number’, and the receipt of the motorcycle insurance.

While it is not mandatory, it is also advisable to obtain a copy of our insurance policy, either in hard copy or digital form, and to record the contact details of our insurance company in case we need to contact you regarding an incident or to do an investigation. In case we are going to make long or frequent trips, it is good to check if we have tow truck cover.

Source: La Verdad


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