Most Common Car Air Conditioning Failures


The most common failures are those resulting from improper maintenance.

Since the vehicle’s air conditioning system operates year-round, providing cold air in summer and warm air in winter, preventive maintenance is required at least once a year or at least every two years, along with an assessment of all of the system, as stated by Sernauto through the ‘Choose Quality, Choose Trust’ (ECEC) initiative.

In this way we ensure that everything works correctly and we prevent further damage and expensive repairs. The most common failures are those resulting from improper maintenance.

“Among them we can mention:
loss of refrigerant gas -it is usually the main reason for air-conditioning system failures-, oil loss leading to compressor damage, fogging of the windows due to evaporator or evaporator faults, as well as a general system malfunction,” they detail. the initiative.

Other signs that something could be wrong with the air conditioning system are those in the vehicle
let’s notice bad smells or irritation to the eyes due to the presence of bacteria in the evaporator or clogged cabin filter,” they conclude from ECEC.

Source: La Verdad


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