The Guardia Civil’s shocking image of how the helmet will save your life on a motorcycle


A motorcyclist’s protective equipment has two fundamental objectives: his comfort and his protection. In the event of a fall, the only thing that separates the rider from the road is the clothing and helmet he is wearing.

Protective equipment helps motorcyclists and moped riders to reduce the severity of an accident. However, they often underestimate the damage that can occur and the benefits of good protective equipment. Unlike motorists, they enjoy the feeling of driving in the open air, but are less protected in the event of an accident.

Thus, the Guardia Civil emphasizes it through its social networks, by means of an impressive image, which shows the importance of wearing a motorcycle helmet.

According to the WHO, the helmet even reduces the number and severity of injuries. In serious accidents, 20% of helmets are ejected because the wrong size is chosen or not properly fastened.

In any case, they must bear a clearly visible ECE homologation label; cover the forehead above the eyebrows; do not move or fall on the eyes or forehead; do not impede peripheral vision; and if glasses are worn, do not put pressure on them or reduce vision. It is essential to fasten it properly and never use it again after a violent impact.

Also keep in mind that helmets made of polycarbonate (plastic) usually expire after 5 years, as long as the maintenance is correct, for example if we use them daily and for a few hours, the lifespan will be shorter. You should pay attention to what each manufacturer states and respect the expiration date. Also, you should consider the care when you are not using it. Keep it in its case and always avoid exposure to extreme temperatures. Keep in mind that the materials that make up your helmet can suffer from both very low temperatures and very high temperatures.

Helmets made from a mixture of fiber or carbon fiber will last longer, about 8-10 years, as long as they – which is true anyway – have not suffered any damage, blow or fall. This exception must be applied in every case and every type of helmet. In the event of a hard blow or fall (even from your board to the floor), it is necessary to change the helmet or at least go to a specialist shop for a diagnosis.

The interior trim must also be taken into account. It should fit our head well, if you move it from side to side or up and down and the helmet is loose, it’s time to change it too. Keep in mind that if you use it heavily, it may wear out or deteriorate before its expiration date. Likewise, moisture is the biggest enemy of padding. It can kill you in no time if you don’t take good care of it.

Source: La Verdad


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