Tricks to buy a used motorcycle according to our needs


The new needs for mobility, the high price of fuel and the various restrictions on the movement of vehicles in the center of cities are some of the reasons explaining the boom in motorcycle sales.

Particularly noteworthy is the second-hand market, which is sometimes the alternative sought by people getting on two wheels for the first time.

According to Jorge Moreno, Commercial Director of AMV, “The used motorcycle market is growing unstoppably. The number of offers out there at the moment, the speed to get one compared to the delay on some new models and especially the cheaper price, now that the fuels are going through the roof, and because of the economic crisis that many people are suffering, they are doing sales of this type of vehicle have increased significantly compared to previous years«.

According to experts from the online insurance marketer AMV, for half of Spaniards (51%), price is the main reason to buy a second-hand motorcycle, followed by 30% of them, who do so because of lack of stock or the long delay in getting the new model they wanted.

The multitude of offers on the market (9%), the use we are going to give it (6%), being able to test one with special features (3%) are other reasons for Spaniards to buy a second-hand motorcycle . But whatever the reason for buying a used motorcycle, there are a number of aspects that need to be taken into account so that we can buy the one that best suits our needs:

1. Analyze what we need

The first thing we should ask ourselves when buying a used motorcycle is: why do we want it? It’s not the same to use it to be constantly on the go, to go to work, or just to get away from it all. In addition, we may be tempted to buy one with a large displacement and that we will not need later, we must keep in mind that, in general, the greater the power, the more we will pay for insurance. So if we are going to use it for all kinds of trips and especially around the city center, with a scooter, preferably a 250 cc, we have more than enough. Also when it comes to price, we should always be realistic and only buy what we can afford.

2. Tell us about it

It is essential that, once we have chosen the make and model that interests us, we inform ourselves well about it: characteristics, spare parts, reliability, problems it usually has, maintenance costs, most frequent breakdowns, etc. The Internet is the best place to get all the information we need as there are many forums, specialized pages or owners clubs we can turn to so that they inform us before buying it.

3. Choose the best seller

To buy a used motorcycle we basically have two options: dealers and used motorcycle shops and individuals, although many motorcycle sales applications have now appeared, for the most part it is still individuals who upload your offers to these platforms. In either case, it is essential to know the reputation of the seller and whether there are reliable business guarantees, but in many cases, especially when it comes to individuals, this is quite difficult as they have no references from them.

If we choose a person, we have the advantage of being able to negotiate the price with more flexibility, but we will have to ask to test the motorcycle, and it is very important that the condition and mileage are assessed by an expert mechanic. If we go to a motorcycle dealer or shop, we will find a larger offer, warranty and discount option, but the transaction will be more expensive.

In either case, asking certain questions will give us a lot of clues about the bike’s condition: how old is it? Has he had any other owners? How many kilometers have you traveled in the past year? Have you had regular checkups? Have you had an accident? Why do you want to sell it?

4. Check the general condition of the vehicle

It is essential to personally check the general condition of the motorcycle as the pictures can often be deceiving. The best part is that we do it during the day and we can start it and run it for a spin. Don’t forget to check the starter motor, fairing, seat, chassis, screens, rust, tires, lights, brakes… You will also need to check the mileage of the vehicle, but you have to be careful as the tachometer can be easily manipulated. And just in case we’re determined, let a mechanic do a deeper assessment.

It is advisable not to buy motorcycles that have stood still for a long time, as it is easier to have parts, tires, rubbers or hoses replaced. But if we are into repair or restoration, we may be able to get a good price for it from the seller, considering the condition and subsequent investment to be made.

Finally, we need to make sure that all elements are original or approved. And if there have been changes, that they are included in the technical data sheet of the vehicle.

5. Make sure everything is in order

Finally, when we have chosen a specific motorcycle, it is very important to make sure that it has all the paperwork in order, for this we have to request a full report from the DGT with its history and an information note at the Registry of Movable Affairs to make sure make sure all payments are up to date. In this way we also check whether it is not a returned motorcycle and whether he has paid the motor vehicle tax, identification of the owner, municipality where the motorcycle is located, mileage, number of owners or any pending fines. It is also important that the ITV is approved as recently as possible, as the law is not only a “guarantee” that it must work correctly, but also won’t allow the transfer of ownership if it has not been passed. The full report also gives us the history of the ITV,

In addition, the vehicle must also have a circulation permit, which we must change to our name as soon as possible, in order not to have problems in the event of an accident, and valid motorcycle insurance. It is advisable to look at different insurance prices and assess the possibility of insurers specializing in motorcycle insurance, such as AMV, that offer cover specifically for motorcyclists.

6. Formalize the purchase contract

Finally, if we reach an agreement with the seller, a sales contract must be formalized, in which he proves that he is the owner of the motorcycle. We do not have to incur any financial costs in advance. The normal course of business is that the delivery of the motorcycle and the payment take place simultaneously and that they provide us with an invoice for that concept.

In the event that we acquire the motorcycle in an establishment, we must ensure that they provide us with a one-year warranty and that this is reflected in a document. And if we want to save time and paperwork, even if it tells us a little more, let’s delegate the motorcycle ownership change procedures to the professionals of an agency.

Source: La Verdad


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