The fine of up to 500 euros that you can incur if you do not carry these mandatory documents behind the wheel


Traffic warns that failure to comply with these administrative procedures also entails economic sanctions and points

The DGT has changed many of the rules this year that motorists must take into account when the new traffic law comes into effect. This regulation introduces important novelties, such as an increase in the loss of points or fines for some offences, more safety for cyclists, the zero rate for minors or the maximum speed limit for overtaking on conventional roads.

However, there are also other old obligations that drivers must strictly adhere to and which are sometimes overlooked, which are a risk as they involve loss of points and fines. Not just violations like speed limits or seat belts; Compliance with all administrative procedures is also essential in order not to expose yourself to a fine.

Not having several documents with you can even result in fines of up to 500 euros. And of course the loss of points. There are four documents that should not be missing: car insurance, driver’s license, vehicle license and technical inspection card.

The fine for not having a driver’s license when people ask for it is one of the lowest: 10 euros. However, the fine can be increased to 80 if it is not OK or if data is incorrect. If it has expired, it goes up to 200. And up to 500 euros and 4 points if the driver’s license is revoked.

As for insurance, it is not mandatory to have it in the vehicle, but it is necessary to have it. If the document is not valid or the person does not have insurance, the fine varies between 600 and 3,000 euros. On the other hand, driving without having the technical inspection card in the car, as in the case of the driver’s license, is penalized with 10 euros. But when it has expired, something changes: the fine is 200 euros. And if the permit is not valid either, it will go up to 500 euros.

Source: La Verdad


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