A 100% electric prototype at the forefront of innovation


Alpine presents the A110 E-ternité at the Formula 1 French Grand Prix and in its world premiere

“I want to electrify Alpine so that it can be registered in perpetuity,” this sentence was uttered by Renault CEO Luca de Meo shortly after his arrival at the Renault Group. The challenge was accepted by Alpine CEO Laurent Rossi and the brand’s engineers. In less than a year, one team completed this daring challenge and even had the opportunity to build a “semi-convertible”. A110 E-ternité, 100% electric, is the result of this work and comes to celebrate 60 years of berlinetta and serves as a link between a legendary past and a 100% electric future. It also illustrates Alpine’s work developing its range of new models. The Renault Group has been immersed in electric mobility for more than ten years and is a pioneer in this field, gaining extensive and valuable experience in all areas of the car. So it made sense for the Alpine teams to start thinking about this technology.

The arrival of Luca de Meo and the announcement of a 100% electric Alpine range made it possible to set a clear direction for the work of the teams and provided the opportunity to work experimentally around electrification. In the purest ‘restomod’ spirit, the A110 became the ideal support for these research projects, as a link between a prestigious past and an even more ambitious future.

The specifications were simple: to electrify the A110 by matching the performance, balance and maneuverability of the thermal version, while relying on the Group’s strengths, experience and technologies. Alpine has taken advantage of the French Grand Prix, which takes place this weekend, to present the prototype.

Source: La Verdad


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