Maserati Project24: only 62 pieces for the track


This model inherits the specifications of the MC20 and improves on them with even more advanced technical features.

Maserati has unveiled Project24, still codenamed, from a limited series prototype to just 62 units of a supercar to take the brand’s unparalleled performance to a new level of adrenaline rush on the track.

This car, really extreme and thought
exclusively for the tracktakes the specifications of the Maserati MC20 and improves them with even more advanced technical features: the latest generation V6 Nettuno engine adds new turbochargers to its
power up to 740 hp. In addition, it includes an innovative suspension, a braking system with carbon ceramic discs and competition tires, as well as safety elements approved and homologated by the FIA.

In line with the brand’s obsession for lightness, the goal of the new Maserati model in terms of weight will be to stay below 1,250 kg. The perfect combination of strength and lightness results in an impressive vehicle, with a power-to-weight ratio of approximately 1.69 kg/hp.

Designed by the Centro Stile Maserati, the Project24 has been given a completely new look. This time, Maserati’s design goes beyond the limit, free from the limitations normally found in a race car. The result is something never seen before, combining beauty with true sporting prowess to instantly become a classic collectible.

The Maserati Project24 is the emblem of exclusivity, offering a unique range of services, including world-class track experiences and assistance, designed exclusively for Project24 owners.

Source: La Verdad


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