How to overcome high temperatures behind the wheel?


In addition to staying hydrated and parking in the shade, technology can help in this situation

The summer of 2022 registers very high temperatures and we are entering the third week of the heat wave with resignation. Whether driving in the city or on the road, there are some precautions drivers should take to avoid potential problems like dizziness or even heat stroke.

According to the DGT, it is advisable to take extra precautions in extreme heat, as the heat increases the temperature in the passenger compartment and can alter the driver’s capacity, causing fatigue and causing aggressiveness, tension and nervousness.

Therefore, before driving, it is advisable to lower the car windows to ventilate the passenger compartment and to equalize the inside and outside temperatures. It is also advisable to avoid the hottest hours, plan outings and avoid the hottest hours. If at any time we detect symptoms of fatigue or drowsiness, stop immediately to rest or sleep.

During summer rides, the heat accelerates the onset of fatigue behind the wheel. Eating and drinking well are two ways to counteract the effects of high temperatures. Therefore, it is recommended to drink regularly, without waiting to get thirsty. Best, water or juices. It is useful to follow a light diet, rich in proteins and vitamins, and avoid fatty foods. And most importantly, don’t drink alcohol at all when driving: it slows down your reflexes, creates a sense of euphoria and a false sense of security, even at the lowest level.

In addition, technology can help us. For example, there are applications such as EasyPark, which show motorists the streets where it is easier to park thanks to the Find functionality, so that you do not have to wander around the city looking for a parking space in the sun.

High temperatures promote the deterioration of certain mechanical parts of our vehicle. Therefore, it is very important to check the car before the trip.

These are some of the most common breakdowns in vehicles when the heat hits.

Battery without charge. We can determine that the car does not start when we want to leave the house or in the worst case get stuck in the middle of the journey. Check the battery charge before departure to avoid surprises.

Air conditioning. Abusing the air conditioning can deteriorate the ducts, leaks are most common with this type of breakdown. For this reason, it is advisable to review them before the summer. The thermostat is another piece that is prone to breakage.

ties. In the summer, the asphalt burns and the wear on the wheels is greater. It is useful to check how worn the tires are and keep in mind that they wear out more during the journey than in winter.

Cooling. If the engine cooling fails, it can destroy the entire engine block. Therefore, it is essential to check that this system is in the best conditions. keep in mind that with heat the temperature of the oil is usually a bit higher. The electric fan, which is responsible for cooling the engine when the car is stationary, is another component that breaks down the most in the summer.

alternator. This part charges the battery with the movement of the car, excessive use of the air conditioner, engine cooling system and other electrical parts will make the alternator work more than usual in summer. Check that the part and belt are not damaged to avoid failure due to over-exertion.

Source: La Verdad


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