Grupo Huertas, a traveling companion of Cante de las Minas


EFQ. Grupo Huertas stays true to its date with the most important cultural events held each year in the Murcia region, and for the ninth consecutive year it will partner with the Cante de las Minas International Festival, which provides mobility for the transport of artists.

On this occasion, the company will show its commitment through its Hyundai Huertas Móvil dealer in Cartagena, which has given two Hyundai Tucson hybrids to the organization as official vehicles. It is a state-of-the-art model, which has an ECO label and has established itself as the flagship of the brand.

Since 2014, Grupo Huertas has been supporting this important event as an official collaborator, opening flamenco to the whole society with performances, conferences and tributes, declared of International Tourist Interest. In concrete terms, the festival started this week and will last until August 6.

Source: La Verdad


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