Dimovil offers discounts of 6,500 euros on the Mercedes GLB


Comfort. With the optional third row of seats, it has up to seven seats

The most versatile compact SUV from Mercedes-Benz, which offers a new dimension of comfort and well-being, is available from Dimovil with a unique offer. This is the Mercedes GLB, a vehicle that allows the user to benefit from maximum flexibility and space depending on his needs.

With a load volume of up to 1,805 liters, the GLB has established itself as a model for large-scale travel, depending on whether the driver wants to take more passengers on board or carry bulky luggage. In this sense, it can accommodate up to seven people, as the second row of seats is adjustable (the third row of seats is optional).

In addition to versatility, this model is distinguished by the quality of its equipment. For this reason, one of the features that guarantee well-being in the vehicle is, among other things, the air conditioning of the front seats.

Dimovil, the Mercedes-Benz and Smart dealer for the Murcia region, offers discounts of 6,500 euros to those interested in purchasing this SUV. The offer applies specifically to the GLB 200 D model and is valid while stocks last.

Another factor that makes the cap unique is its technology. Thanks to the Hand Free Access loading and unloading system, the driver can, for example, open and close the trunk without touching it. It has a sensor under the rear bumper that can detect a slight movement of the foot to open or close the tailgate. It is especially useful when the driver does not have his hands free, such as when returning from a purchase.

The GLB model also guarantees maximum safety on the road thanks to the Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive systems, which make driving easier, especially in stressful situations, such as rush hours, driving through unfamiliar places or during night drives.

Its features include Active Park Assist (it detects appropriate gaps and assists the driver in side parking, assuming steering manoeuvres), Active Distance Assist and automatic high beams. In this case, simply activate the system at the start of a journey to take advantage of the wide range of the headlights. In this way it is possible to better appreciate the road layout and recognize potential hazards.

Source: La Verdad


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