Tricks to get dizzy while traveling by car


Motion sickness – technical name for motion sickness – arises because when moving the body experiences a dissonance between what it sees and what it feels

The dissonance between the information the brain receives and the body’s balance receptors is responsible for such an unpleasant feeling of dizziness that many people experience when traveling by car. Experts define it as motion sickness — the technical name for motion sickness — that arises because the body experiences a dissonance between what it sees and what it feels when moving. That is, excessive stimulation occurs in the internal structures of the ear, which regulate balance, and therefore the symptoms of vertigo appear: paleness, cold sweat, agitation or nausea that can lead to vomiting in the worst case.

Although vertigo is quite common, there are people with a greater predisposition to suffer from it. These are children between 3 and 12 years old; pregnant women who experience increased sensitivity in the nerve centers during pregnancy; and people who suffer from anxiety. For all those people who get dizzy as soon as they get in the car, this set of recommendations will help them combat the symptoms and make the journey a much calmer and more enjoyable experience. The experts at StressFreeCarRental explain that there are very simple things, such as chewing gum and putting the phone screen aside, that can relieve some symptoms, such as nausea.

Following this vital advice can make a big difference to passengers and enable them to reach their destination with complete peace of mind.

Rolling the windows down helps, as fresh air is essential if a passenger gets seasick. Breathing fresh air can relieve the symptoms of nausea. If you’re on an airplane, turn on the air conditioning to relieve air sickness.

Drinking water is the key to reducing the intensity of headaches caused by dizziness. Drink plenty of water and resist the temptation to have a Prosecco or soda.

Chewing gum can be very positive, as the coolness of the chewing gum can relax your abs and distract your mind from physical discomfort. Take mint and ginger gum to relieve the symptoms of motion sickness.

Avoid eating heavy and greasy foods while traveling. It is better to eat something salty, such as seaweed pancakes or crackers, as they do not cause an upset stomach or stomach pain.

Listen to your favorite songs because being distracted is one of the best ways to calm anxiety. Turn down your favorite songs so you can focus on something other than your dizziness.

If you can’t prevent vertigo, you may need to use a last resort. It may be easier for you to carry a barf bag as you know there is another option available.

Sitting in the front allows you to focus on the road and reduces the risk of dizziness.

As tempting as it may be, checking social media while you are traveling can exacerbate headaches as your eyes tire from staring at bright screens. It is better that you put the phone away until the end of the journey.

Source: La Verdad


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