16-year-old died – in avenue against tree: great sadness at the accident site


Just awful! A newspaper deliverer (19) crashed his car into a tree in Oftering in Upper Austria. He survived, but his companion (16) was thrown out – he died on the spot. At the scene of the accident, the father and brothers of the young dead man were being cared for.

It was a horror image that presented itself to the fire brigade just after 1.35 am. A 19-year-old newspaper deliverer from Linz drove a Renault Kangoo from Hörsching towards Oftering. The 16-year-old Abdelrahman E. from Linz was sitting in the passenger seat.

For unknown reasons – due to the catastrophic consequences of the accident, excessive speed is suspected – the driver left the road and the car almost came to a stop in the long and straight lane against a tree next to the road. Both occupants of the vehicle were thrown from the van, which was torn in two by the impact.

“Unfalllenker looked great”
“When we arrived, the driver involved in the accident was sitting on the side of the road. It actually looked great considering what had happened. The other man is on the ground. There was clearly no more help for him,” said the commander of the fire brigade of Ofteringen, Stefan Hetzmannseder.

The driver of the vehicle was injured and was taken to the Wels-Grieskirchen clinic. All help came too late for the passenger: the emergency doctor could only determine death.

Great mental load
“It only got really bad when the dead man’s father and brothers arrived at the scene. We worked with the police and the crisis intervention team,” Hetzmannseder said. Such tragic traffic accidents are also a great emotional burden for firefighters. Hetzmannseder: “We made sure that the more experienced did not let the young people get too close to the wreckage of the accident.”

According to statistics from the Ministry of the Interior, from the beginning of the year to August 15, there were 255 road deaths across the country, 50 of which were in Upper Austria.

Source: Krone


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