Tax Fraud Accusation – Did the dentist in Salzburg drill a tax hole?


A doctor from Salzburg has been responsible for tax fraud since Thursday. In total, it concerns more than one million euros.

A dentist from Salzburg is said to have evaded about 800,000 euros in taxes, and another 362,000 euros would have remained an attempt. In any case, the tax authorities and the Salzburg prosecutor’s office accuse him of this. On the trial date on Thursday, the dentist showed up with prominent support. The native German is defended by the Viennese celebrity lawyer Manfred Ainedter, who also represented Karl-Heinz Grasser.

Tax fraud due to duplicate invoices?
Core of the charge: In addition to his work as a dentist, the 68-year-old was also involved in a Swiss company that sold implants, crowns and inlays – some imported from Turkey – to dentists.

The doctor also sold these products to his own patients. They then received two invoices: one for the medical service, issued to the dentist, and one for the material, issued to the Swiss limited liability company. A thorn in the side of the accuser: the company itself would have provided no service at all and only served to avoid tax. The dentist is said to have hidden about 50 to 60 percent of his income. All in all, he would have tried to defraud the Republic of 1.16 million euros with false income tax returns. The public prosecutor calls this “tax fraud” and “tax evasion”. The doctor himself cannot see anything illegal in his behavior and pleaded not guilty.

Even the judge’s objection that a confession in financial matters was an important mitigating factor did not change anything. The hearing has been adjourned for the hearing of witnesses and the preparation of an expert opinion.

The trial could be lengthy, the judge predicted to the accused and would be a burden for those without court experience. However, the dentist does not seem to be lacking, as only recently patients successfully argued with him in court because of mass malpractice.

Source: Krone


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