Now the ad awaits – “Tschick” on the runway costs duo Mallorca vacation


Instead of leaving for Mallorca on Thursday evening from the Allgäu airport in Memmingen, which is also very popular with holidaymakers in Vorarlberg, two young women have now stuck an advertisement around their necks. The reason: The heavily inebriated duo smoked a cigarette before stepping onto the tarmac of the Ryan Air machine.

On Thursday evening, agents of the Memmingen Border Police Group were called to the apron of Allgäu Airport, where a Ryan Air plane was about to take off for Palma de Mallorca. There were two women, aged 22 and 21, waiting in line to board the Boeing 737, who smoked a cigarette on the apron despite a strict ban.

The two heavily intoxicated women were denied boarding, and they are also expected to be reported under the Aviation Security Act. A 27-year-old man who smoked in the terminal building was also excluded from the flight to Palma. He is also under investigation.

Source: Krone


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