The headliners are already waiting – rain! And then? Total party at the Linz “Krone” festival


The Linz “Krone” festival is in full swing – and the rain doesn’t spoil the mood. On the contrary: people dance and sing in front of the stages.

Light rain fell at the “Krone” festival on the Urfahranermarkt, but that did not dampen the exuberant mood. With the “Krone” rain ponchos (available in the “Krone” meeting room) and under the gigantic canopy in front of the main stage, the rain doesn’t stand a chance. Soon the guys from Folkshilfe and Seiler & Speer will be on stage.

Main acts already backstage
Our main acts are already backstage – and they are enjoying the atmosphere and looking forward to their performances. Folkshilfe plays at 7:35 PM, Seiler & Speer at 9:20 PM. All information is available online at

Atmosphere also exuberant among Schlager fans
Despite the mood: crystal also keeps the hit stage alive. With songs like 7 Sins, Hulapalu and many more. The mood is also exuberant among the Schlager fans.

Source: Krone


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