Content stolen – delivery man turned out to be a wanted parcel thief


Where is my package? Many people in the Amstetten area in Lower Austria have recently asked themselves this question. Because a Hungarian delivery man (32) saw his van more as a self-service shop.

Between July 26 and August 9, he simply opened the packages himself, booked them in the system as “delivered” and kept valuables such as perfumes or clothes. He ‘thrown’ the rest of the boxes along with their contents into wooded areas and cornfields in Oed-Öhling, where a witness discovered them and started the case.

Looking for more victims
About 60 products that had not yet been assigned to anyone were found in the 32-year-old’s apartment. Victims can contact the police via 059/133-3109. In addition, an accomplice (33) was investigated. The duo appears.

Source: Krone


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