Kasperl of the week – Causa Krankl: Bitter own goal for the “Goleador”


With his brief arrest after the Bundesliga hit LASK against Rapid, football legend Hans Krankl created a topic of conversation. And the 69-year-old also had to endure ridicule.

He’s nice, Hans Krankl. And emotional, like any green and white, with the heart in the right place. In Linz, however, the “Goleador” scored a bitter own goal. The football legend hit a police officer who blocked his way in the stadium parking lot. The officer was unharmed. What followed is similar to an American crime thriller: “Go away, hands on the roof, papers!” An eyewitness describes it.

Eight uniformed ex-national players left
Only the drawn firearms were missing. Eight uniformed men led the 69-year-old away like a criminal. Whether the emergency services were punitive Austrians will always remain a state secret. A police officer is even said to have smashed Krankl’s sports car with his fist. The executive fights back: celebrity or not. Everyone must abide by the rules. “The driver did not obey the clearly given hand signal and drove to a police officer,” the official statement said.

The incident attracted international attention
The former federation player and coach regrets the “stupid story”, denies aggressive intentions: “Anyone who knows me knows I would never endanger a police officer.” After the identity check in the catacombs of the stadium, the Viennese was released. punishment follows? The incident – discovered by the “Krone” – made international headlines. The action was always a Punch and Judy show.

Source: Krone


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