Shot with tear gas – hosts attacked by his neighbors at a party


A 28-year-old was attacked Monday evening at his own private party in central Vienna. And from his neighbors!

To celebrate, the victim invited his 23-year-old neighbor and his friends, a 23-year-old Serb and a 21-year-old Austrian, to his apartment on Schwedenplatz. Neighbors friends tried to rob the host.

Threatened with “stings”.
According to the police broadcast, the alleged perpetrators physically assaulted the landlord and urged him to hand over cash, alcohol, cigars and valuables. According to the first information from the police, they threatened the victim with “stabbing”.

The host eventually managed to put the attackers to flight using pepper spray, without looting anything. The friends of the 23-year-old neighbor who initially fled, who were arrested by the police immediately after the attack, were also arrested near the crime scene after a short search.

Source: Krone


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