“More security” – walking in Iran will soon be illegal


Strictly religious Shiites, in particular, don’t like pets – this has now gone so far that walking dogs will soon be illegal in Iran. Legal action must be taken against dog owners, Tehran police chief Hussein Rahimi said on Tuesday.

“Walking dogs in parks is illegal and a crime, and citizens will soon be able to report violations to the police,” Rahimi said Tuesday. Nuisance caused by dogs in residential buildings must also be reported immediately to the police, according to the police chief, call 110, according to the news portal Khabar-Online.

Dog owners do not comply with the ban
It has been officially banned in Iran for the past month to bring dogs into parks and green areas. The authorities want to create “more public safety”. So far, however, dog owners have not complied with the ban because both they and Iranian animal rights activists find the measures excessive.

Pets are frowned upon by some sections of society in Shia Iran, especially the strict religious. Dogs are also considered unclean in Islam. Nevertheless, the pet trend has increased in recent years, especially in the wake of the corona pandemic. Accordingly, in recent years, there are more and more veterinary clinics and pet stores.

Source: Krone


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