Pitcher, Sword – St. Veit: Weapon Found After Family Fight


A married couple got drunk at three o’clock on Sunday morning in St. Veit. When the 20-year-old stepson intervened, the situation with his stepfather escalated.

The stepson also became involved in the relationship conflict between a 40-year-old woman from St. Veit and her 39-year-old husband – all three were drunk. “This led to a fight between the two men,” police said. “The 20-year-old was injured.” His mother then alerted the police and her husband fled.

Find of different weapons
“When officers arrived at the house, they found a number of weapons there,” police said. “A CO2 pistol, a throwing star, a sword, a bayonet, a butterfly knife and other various knives and weapons could be secured.” Since there is an official gun ban against the 39-year-old, the guns were removed by the officers.

Stepson attacked police officers
After the police left, the man returned to his apartment – so the woman immediately called the police again. But this time, the officers were prevented from entering the apartment by the 20-year-old and were even attacked. “That’s why we had to arrest the young man for resisting state authority,” the police said.

Husband caught at home at 8am
The man could not be found – only during a new check at eight in the morning, an officer was able to catch him near the apartment. An entry and approach ban has since been issued against the 39-year-old – in addition, he has been reported for the discovery of his weapons despite the weapons ban and for the physical injury of his stepson.

Source: Krone


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