Victim minor – teenager (17) convicted of rape


A 17-year-old boy was sentenced Thursday to 18 months in prison by the regional court in Feldkirch for raping and sexually abusing minors. A probationary period of twelve months was given. The teen had consensual sex with a 13-year-old several times and raped her once. He also assaulted an 11-year-old. The verdict is final.

From December 2021 to April 2022, the then 16-year-old slept with the 13-year-old five times. In his defense, he said he didn’t know the girl was so young. The teen told him she was 16 years old. Finally, in May of this year, the suspect tricked the adolescent and raped her several times. The young man met the 11-year-old by chance in elementary school. He would also have sexually harassed this girl.

Defendant has not confessed
Under criminal law, these offenses include the offenses of serious sexual abuse of minors, rape and sexual abuse of minors. The accused teen did not confess, he also believed the 11-year-old was older and there was no violence involved.

Probation officer for defendants
However, the court eventually sentenced the 17-year-old to a partially suspended prison sentence of 18 months. Because the boy had already served much of the six-month unconditional prison sentence, he was released immediately after the trial. For the future, he gets a probation officer. He owes the rape victim 2,500 euros and the other girl 500 euros.

Source: Krone


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