Search for solution – Huge rock threatens houses in Eberstein


In October last year, boulders collapsed on a building in Eberstein in Carinthia. The place in the built-up area is hardly accessible. We are now looking for a solution together.

“Unfortunately, this is all very complicated, experts are scratching their heads over how to safely remove the boulder in the middle of a built-up area,” said landowner Diana Kloiber.

“Difficult situation”
As early as October 2021, pieces of rock had come loose and fell onto an outbuilding on Unteren Platz overnight. “Of course, the endangered area was immediately closed,” says community leader Andreas Grabuschnig. “But the situation is difficult, because all three Dolomite heads, which rise under Eberstein Castle – near the Görtschitztal road – would have to be pulled out of the narrow depression.” Safe or complete removal – both are more than complicated.

Terrible Cost
Since the incident last year, geologists and state and federal experts have been trying to find a solution to secure the rocks. Because access with heavy equipment is not possible. Kloiber: “Many thanks to the community. I could never do it without this help.” Mayor Grabuschnig emphasizes: “We will find an affordable way to eliminate this danger.” The initial cost estimates amount to EUR 799,000.

It is also feared that work on the adjacent flood defense system could lead to dangerous vibrations.

Source: Krone


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