Threatens quite openly – Erdogan to Greece: “May come suddenly”


The dispute over the defense measures of Greece and the Aegean islands has reached a new level – Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has now sharply threatened his neighbor. “We can suddenly come one evening,” he said on Tuesday for a three-day trip to the Balkans.

He had often used the phrase in the past in connection with military operations – for example in Syria or Iraq. Erdogan referred to the alleged shelling of the Greek S-300 air defense system on Turkish jets. Athens denies that.

“We’ll Do What It Takes”
Erdogan had already accused Greece of occupying islands on Saturday and expressed an open threat. “Your occupation of the islands does not bind us. We will do what is necessary when the time comes. As we say, we can come suddenly one night.”

Ankara argues that Greece is violating the Treaties of Lausanne (1923) and Paris (1947) by stationing military units and weapon systems on islands in the Aegean Sea. Athens justifies the militarization with a threat from Ankara and the right of every state to self-defense.

Source: Krone


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