One of two suspects in Canada stabbing 10 people has been found dead


The police are working on the hypothesis that his brother killed him, who is still on the run

One of two brothers suspected of committing the murder of ten people and injuring another 18 in different parts of Canada has been found dead with injuries that appear not to have been caused by himself, such as this Monday night – early Tuesday morning in Spain was reported – police sources.

Canadian Police (RCMP) found the body of Damien Sanderson, 31, Sunday afternoon in a green area in the James Smith Cree Nation community, in the province of Saskatchewan, in the center of the country, according to ‘The Globe and Mail’ report. .

“We cannot say for sure how Damien died,” said Deputy Commissioner Rhonda Blackmore, commander of the Saskatchewan RCMP. Blackmore added that he was “possibly” murdered by his 30-year-old brother Myles, who is still at large.

However, the RCMP has warned the public that it is possible that he will seek medical attention as they believe he may also have suffered injuries. “Even if he is injured, it does not mean that he is not dangerous,” the authorities emphasized.

City Police Chief of Regina—the second-largest city in Saskatchewan—Evan Bray has explained that the most recent information is that Myles Sanderson is in town, but has warned that the information has a day of antiquity.

The RCMP launched a manhunt on Sunday for two people for stabbing dozens of people, injuring 18 and taking the lives of 10 others in various locations across the county, including the James Smith Cree Nation community.

“At this point in the investigation, we have found ten lifeless bodies and 18 injured people in 13 locations,” a police spokeswoman said at a news conference, announcing that the RCMP has issued a countywide warning about “two dangerous people.”

Officers have advised citizens to take precautions. “If you are in the area, immediately seek shelter. Do not leave a safe place and be careful about allowing other people into your home,” the police warns. He also asked neighbors not to approach suspicious people or pick up people on the highways.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ordered the lowering of the parliament flag in memory of the victims, calling the attacks “shocking and heartbreaking.”

“This kind of violence has no place in our country,” he added. “Unfortunately, these kinds of tragedies have been all too common in recent years.”

Canada is facing a succession of attacks of unusual violence. In recent years, a gunman disguised as a police officer has killed 22 people in Nova Scotia; six people were killed in a shooting at a Quebec mosque; and a man driving a pickup truck through busy Toronto sidewalks killed 10 people.

Source: La Verdad


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