Seriously injured – fight escalates: multiple stab wounds in the back


Knife attack in favorites Vienna: After a dispute between a 67-year-old and a 37-year-old completely escalated, the 67-year-old attacked his opponent with a knife. He had stabbed him several times in the back with full force. Observant witnesses immediately alerted the police.

The incident happened at the main station on Tuesday evening around 7:30 PM. After the attack, according to the police, the 37-year-old did not even notice his back injury and sat down on a bench. After feeling her, he threw himself at the 67-year-old and knocked him to the ground.

Multiple stab wounds on the back
When emergency services arrived, the 37-year-old was back on the couch and the 67-year-old was injured on the ground. Both persons received first aid at the scene. WEGA officers also treated the stab wounds to the back. Both persons were subsequently taken to hospital and arrested.

The alleged murder weapon, a knife, was seized by police on the spot. Why the dispute escalated is still under investigation.

Source: Krone


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