Accident in the Ausserfern – Drunk driver dives on a different road


With more than 0.8 per mille alcohol in the blood, a young man had an accident in the Tyrolean Ausserfern on Saturday. The 25-year-old came with his car from the Fernpassstraße (B179) near Reutte, fell over an embankment – and ended up sideways in another street.

Shortly after 4 pm, the locals drove from Reutte on the Fernpassstrae towards Heiterwang. In a long left turn, he then went too far to the right and crashed through a guardrail. He then crashed the vehicle about ten meters over a slope behind it, before his car came to rest on its side on a road below that leads to the well-known Ehrenberg area.

Driver’s license withdrawn for the time being
The injured man managed to get out of the car on his own. He was then transported by ambulance to Reutte Hospital. There, an alcohol test showed that he had more than 0.8 per mille alcohol in his blood.

As a result, the 25-year-old’s driver’s license was provisionally withdrawn. Appropriate advertisements will follow.

Source: Krone


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