Medical emergency – after drama in Tyrol: autopsy of dead tourer


On Monday evening, a German tourer (53) was found dead under the Steinkarspitze in the Ausserfern region of Tyrol during a search. The body is now in autopsy – a medical emergency may have resulted in death.

The body showed no external injuries that could have indicated a fall. As a police spokesman told Krone on Friday, everything currently points to a medical emergency.

Reported missing by father
On Sunday evening, the father of the 53-year-old German from the Garmisch-Partenkirchen district reported to police that his son had left for a morning ski trip in neighboring Ausserfern and had not returned home.

A night search was then launched in the Steinkarspitze area. The troops eventually discovered the missing person shortly after midnight, about 80 meters below the summit. His dog, always a loyal companion, was on a leash with its owner.

Source: Krone


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