Wiener Kai blocked – climate activists are back on the streets


And the next plaque action: Activists stopped early traffic in Vienna on Monday morning. Specifically at Schwedenplatz. Several participants also stuck to the street.

Around 8 a.m., Franz-Josefs-Kai activists took to the zebra crossing with banners to demonstrate for a 100 km/h limit on the highways. This caused the participants to stick to the asphalt again, causing traffic jams in the early morning.

“We are the first generation to feel the beginning of the climate collapse and the last to do something about it. Out of desperation I stuck myself to the street,” one of the participants explains her motives.

Regular disruptive actions
It was not the first and probably not the last action by the activists. In recent weeks, participants have repeatedly gathered at major traffic interchanges and blocked lanes. According to an invoice from the Vienna FPÖ, congestion costs of 7.4 million euros have been incurred so far as a result of adhesive actions. “Should the federal government not continue to act,” the last generation said via broadcast, the actions would be continued and even expanded.

Source: Krone


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