Police found wrecked car – 19-year-old died in Nenzing


Car parts lying on the street led a police patrol to the car wreckage of a young man in Nenzing, Vorarlberg, late Sunday night. He had left the road on Vorarlberger Straße L190 and had thrown over an embankment. He later died at the accident site.

When the police officers found the completely damaged vehicle around 11:15 PM, the sad certainty soon took over. For the young driver, who was strapped in, all help came too late. He was already dead.

He apparently sustained the fatal injuries directly in the accident, which officials reconstructed based on the length of the tracks. Accordingly, the 19-year-old from Bludenz on the L190 crossed the oncoming lane on the left side of the road, bounced against a wall and was thrown to the right over a slope. The car stayed there on its roof.

Large contingent couldn’t help any longer
The L190 was closed to all traffic to document the accident and was not released until around 2 a.m. The Nenzing fire brigade had 31 persons and five vehicles, the rescue team with six persons including an ambulance and two vehicles, the police with seven persons and four vehicles, the state road construction bureau with three persons and two vehicles, and the towing service with two persons and one vehicle deployment involved.

Source: Krone


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