300,000 euros in damage – False diplomatic passports put into circulation


A 53-year-old Bulgarian and a 47-year-old Bosnian were arrested on Tuesday for selling false diplomatic passports and number plates to at least 11 Austrians and Germans. The damage amounts to more than 300,000 euros. The handcuffs on the Black Sea in his homeland clicked for the Bulgarian wanted with a European arrest warrant, and the Bosnian was arrested in Austria.

An arrest request has been made for the 47-year-old, in Bulgaria authorities are yet to decide whether the 53-year-old will be extradited. Both face charges of serious commercial fraud and the disclosure of false, specially secured documents. Whether the men forged the diplomatic passports of the Caribbean island state of St. Kitts and Nevis itself is still under investigation, according to Wels’s authority. It is also not yet clear whether the buyers of the forged documents will be prosecuted.

Lived in luxury
They are said to have paid huge sums and have so far stated that they were unaware that they were counterfeits. In any case, the 53-year-old must have lived in luxury in Pomorie on the Black Sea. According to the Bulgarian news agency, a number of forged documents were found during a search of two apartments, a yacht and two cars with false diplomatic number plates.

Source: Krone


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